Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get?

Using our Free Forever service you will be able to enjoy our blazing fast and protected VPN to block adult content websites, along with built-in features like SafeSearch and 1-hour activity logs. What makes our service great is the combined technologies of "full tunnel" VPN plus our proprietary content analysis A.I. Not only does our network protect your children better, but it get's smarter all day, every day. You get all of this on two devices, plus free support via email or our self-serve knowledgebase. Need more power or devices? We have some upgrade options that are very affordable. Sign Up Now

Why is this free?

We care. After 6 years of protecting families around the world through our premium parental controls, we have seen the "porn problem" first hand. As parents it's shocking. As engineers, we knew there was something we could do and it's our turn to give back. Today, the power of Netsanity content filtering, powered by our proprietary A.I. technology "PIERCE", is available to your family for free. Are we hoping you see the value of Netsanity and want to try out our premium features? Sure. But first and foremost, if you want your household free of porn we want to be the online service you turn to, one you can trust, and one that you can use at no charge because the safety of our children is the most valuable asset of all. We're on the front lines with you, always.

Who is Netsanity?

Netsanity has been providing content filtering for kids since 2013. We are a small US Based group working hard 365 days a year to bring you best-in-class online safety solutions. We have now developed extensive features for children, adults, and small businesses including "no app needed", PIERCE AI content analysis, and more.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. No credit card is needed and no expiration for your service. Enroll up to two devices and get great content filtering forever.

How does it work?

Netsanity uses a unique VPN (Virtual Private Network) to route your children’s web surfing to our content filtering engine (PIERCE) which will filter sites for any adult content. Children can use any browser or any app and still be protected. Additionally, we block certain sites called “proxies” which allow kids to go to sites that act like a “middle-man” so searches can be originated there.

*Note for Apple IOS only: Our free version comes automatically with our legacy VPN profile. This will work for 90 - 95% of all users. However, some carriers, home routers, and countries will not be able to connect using our legacy VPN. For those customers, we offer our enhanced VPN add-on for only $12/yr.

Do you have an App?

Our Apple service does NOT require an app but parents can download our Parental iOS app from the Apple store. You must be a premium customer to use the app, however. The app will add managing of each child in addition to providing GPS Location, GEO Fencing, and Chat capabilities. For our customers who have Samsung devices, a small Device Agent app is installed via the Google Play store but has no functions other than enrolling and unenrolling.

Where are you based? Are you trustworthy?

We are based in the USA with offices in North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. We are a highly rated BBB business, partners with the US Government and have been proving services to customers for over five years in over 75+ countries. We don't sell any data and are parents just like most of our clients.

Do you filter other categories?

This free service is designed to protect kids and teens from pornography and other adult content. Our catblocker feature adds 40+ other categories and is available in our PLUS and PREMIUM plans

What is PIERCE AI?

PIERCE is our exclusive Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that we have been developing for over a year. We will roll it out in phases. All of our users will benefit, including users who use our free service. To learn what P.I.E.R.C.E stands for check out the interactive diagram below:

Pierce AI Content Filtering

Which devices are supported?

Initially Netsanity Free will support either Apple IOS devices and/or Samsung mobile phones and tablets only. Soon, we will add support for home so the entire household can be protected!

What if I need to protect more than two devices?

For larger families, you have three options. First, you can always enroll extra devices under a separate email address for free, or you can add devices beyond two free ones by upgrading to our PLUS service in your dashboard. PLUS is only $12 for two devices and $12 per year for each additional device. You can also upgrade to the premium plan that allows up to 25 devices. Pricing for that is on our premium site here. To upgrade your Free plan to any premium option, simply visit your subscription in your personal dashboard. Keep in mind that, for the first option, you will be managing under different accounts so it’s a bit more cumbersome.

What if my child removes the VPN?

For Apple users our VPN will auto re-install within seconds if its removed. There is not a good practical way for kids/teens to remove it if it gets auto installed. To prevent removal of our Netsanity Management Profile on Apple iOS devices, visit our removal prevention guide here.

Do you have support?

Yes, free support is provided on our helpdesk site: That site will have solutions and help docs on our free service. Also, as a free user, you may always send us an email with a question. We will respond as quickly as possible. Free support is prioritized after our premium customers. Customers who upgrade to any premium plan get additional support via phone, chat, and web.