We're calling you out, Porn!

For the last six years, Netsanity has been at the forefront of protecting children and teenagers on their mobile devices. During that time we have seen how porn and X-rated content online is a much bigger problem than one might think. And we're fed up. Now, use Netsanity to block all porn, create a safe search environment, and protect your family 24/7/365, in your home or away - for FREE. As in $0. Claim your account today. No credit card required.

So, what does it do?

  • Block X-Rated Content

    We analyze millions of websites every day for adult content with our proprietary content detection "PIERCE" AI. You can block them all instantly.

  • Google & Bing Safe Search

    SafeSearch comes built in and instantly creates a youth-friendly search experience on Google & Bing.

  • Apple iOS & Samsung

    Our free porn blocking works on all Apple iOS and Samsung Android mobile devices. More device support soon.

Who is Netsanity?

Netsanity, Inc. is an US Based software company committed to creating best-in-class solutions to protect mobile devices at home and at work. Since 2013, Netsanity software and services have protected the Apple iOS and Samsung devices of families and businesses in over 75+ countries.

  • 50,000+ Devices
  • 50 Million+ Websites Analyzed
  • 75+ Countries
  • 40+ Servers
  • 6 Years Exp

You are probably as fed up with porn as we are. As the Internet and smartphones become more important and ingrained in our society, you want your children to grow and thrive with the technology, to gain all they can from it. But you did not sign up for the porn. The adult content that seems to pop up everywhere and infest our young people's minds. Our only goal is to make best-in-class porn blocking technology available to EVERY family who wants it. Together we can say "No more". Together we can make the Internet safe again for our families. There is strength in numbers, and today we are inviting to join us. 100% free, forever.

"Therefore, it is in the best interest of CFSA to procure the services, via sole source, from Netsanity, the current and only vendor that possesses the unique and singularly available capability deemed essential to meet CFSA's important services to promote the safety and well-being of children and families and to protect children against abuse or neglect in the District."

Source: Child & Family Services Agency, The Government of the District of Columbia awards parental controls software contract to Netsanity [PDF]

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Block porn and X-rated content on two devices in your home.