Effortless Elegance: Quick and Easy Office Makeup Tutorial

Effortless Elegance: Quick and Easy Office Makeup Tutorial

The workday can be busy—and lookbusy—so many of us resort to a minimal makeup routine before clocking in. But looking put together doesn’t mean more time in front of the mirror—effortless elegance can be achieved with just a few extra steps. Imagine taking minutes instead of hours to get ready, and still looking fresh and fashionable! From pro-level tips to tricks of the trade, you won’t believe how easy it is to do your office makeup the right way. Read on for our “Effortless Elegance: Quick and Easy Office Makeup Tutorial!”

1. Creating Professional Office Makeup with Ease

Your professional office makeup look should be something that works for you and your needs. It should be simple, timeless, and easy to manage for days on end. Here are the steps to take for creating your perfect office makeup look.

  • Prime: Start by prepping your skin with a light application of oil-free primer for a long-lasting, flawless finish.
  • Base: Use a light to medium coverage foundation that matches your skin tone for evenness and to disguise any blemishes or imperfections.
  • Conceal: A corrector and concealer duo is essential for masking any discolouration. Tap it with a beauty blender for smooth blending.
  • Contour: A cream or powder contouring kit works great for adding definition to your face. Keep it minimal and natural.
  • Brows: Shape and fill arches with brown pencil or powder that perfectly frames your face.
  • Eyes: The eyes should be kept minimal with one to two shades of matte neutral colour eyeshadow, and a black or brown thin eyeliner.
  • Mascara: Lengthen your lashes with a few coats of mascara. Go for a long-lasting, volumizing formula.
  • Cheeks: Use a cream or powder blush for a sunkissed glow. Make sure to blend it out well.
  • Lips: Nude, peach, berry and mauve colours are subtly flattering. Keep it glossy or choose a matte formulation.

Once you’ve applied these office makeup steps, you’re sure to have a timeless and polished look. The key thing to remember is to keep it natural and subtle, and to use only what you need to perfect your features. As a final step, set your perfect office makeup look with a setting powder or setting spray. You’re all set for your professional office day.

2. Glam Up for a Busy Day at the Office

Trying to look professional, feel ready to take on the world, and get dressed in the morning can sometimes be a tricky mix. So, if you’ve got busy days at the office ahead, here are some tips for nailing the glam-meets-professional style.

1. Invest in a quality suit

A good quality suit, no matter the colour, will always give you an effortlessly fashionable look. Look out for details like double-breasted styles and wide lapels, as they’ll help you look chic and professional in equal measure.

2. Accessories

Adding the right accessory to your look can give it the right touch. If you’re a fan of bold colours, then you can look to accessorise with neon eyelashes and jewel encrusted nails. On the other hand, for a more subtle approach, try a classic watch, statement garment brooch or a handbag and shoes combo that will blend with the office uniform.

3. Insider tricks

  • Invest in a pair of nude coloured shoes and stockings to elongate the body while looking professional.
  • Try a messy bun hairstyle to keep the hair from falling in your face and still look stylish at the office.
  • Add a touch of subtle colour on your lips and cheeks, use lighter shades like beige or pink for a natural look.

4. Bonus tip!

Keep a small makeup bag in your desk drawer. Even if you don’t have need of it that day, you’ll be glad you have it when you suddenly need a midday touch up.

3. The Secret to Effortless and Stylish Office Glam

Adding on-trend pieces to an office wardrobe can be tricky. Trying to keep up with the latest trends whilst still looking effortlessly polished and professional can seem like an impossible task. Never fear, as with a few carefully selected pieces, you can bring a little glamour to your office wardrobe with minimal effort.

Embrace a One Colour Palette
Think simplicity. Often, investing in one colour palette can be the ideal way to keep an office wardrobe looking chic. Adding a few staple pieces in a colour palette will instantly elevate a look while also being incredibly easy to mix and match.

Play with Accessories
A great way to transform an outfit for the office is by sprucing up a simple ensemble with the right accessories.

  • Opt for a well-designed classic watch
  • Inject a bit of pizzazz with a statement necklace
  • Basic earrings with that bit extra sparkle, for example a crystal pair

Accessories can give any outfit an instant boost and can be the perfect way to update a work wardrobe.

Go for Statement Shoes
An awesome dress can be taken to the next level with a pair of amazing shoes. Make a statement while still making it work appropriate. Kitten heels, embellished courts, bow-accented sandals – there are limitless choices when it comes to shoes and they have the ability to completely transform an outfit.

Go for Quality Fabrics
Fabric can be key when it comes to achieving office glamour. High-quality fabrics will not only look last longer, but will also look more expensive. Look for pants and skirts in comfortable yet elegant materials like tweed, velvet, satin or fine wools that won’t wrinkle easily.

With these few simple steps, you’ll be able to put together polished and stylish office outfits with no muss and no fuss. Get ready to be the best dressed in the office!

4. Achieving Professional-Chic Office Makeup in Minutes

In the professional world, a polished, chic office makeup look is essential. But who has the time to rendezvous in the bathroom for 45 minutes touching up their makeup before their 9am meeting? Not us! If you’re a busy career woman juggling deadlines and appointments, here’s a few of our rapid-fire tips to quickly create a professional-chic office look.

Apply a light coverage foundation. Depending on your skin type and the amount of coverage you desire, a tinted moisturizer or a slightly thicker foundation will both work. Start with a small amount of whichever consistency you chose, applied in dots along your T-zone and worked inwards with fingers or a makeup sponge. If you need to conceal any blemishes or dark circles, lightly dab them with a slightly thicker foundation.

Choose a rosy pink blush. A nice light pink blush helps to raise the dullness that sometimes happens when you’re working beneath office lights for extended periods. For a more prominent blush, a little goes a long way—skip the powder blush and use a specially designed cream or liquid rosy pink instead. Be sure to blend towards your temples for a natural look.

Add a subtle shine to your eyes with a soft, natural hue. Think a light brown or gold hue—nothing too dark. Gently blend the shade across your lids and add a few accents in the corner of your eyes. Don’t forget mascara, as it will help accentuate and open up your eyes.

Highlight your lips. If you don’t have time to line your lips or apply lipstick, opt for a shimmering lip gloss. The subtle shine will make your lips look fuller and even out any unevenness, and it only takes seconds to apply. Choose a natural hue that won’t be distracting in the workplace; we love a pretty light pink to finish off the look.

Touch up throughout the day. Even if all you have time for is a five minute face-done, don’t forget to take the few minutes each morning to give yourself an office-friendly makeup look. Keep mini versions of each of your products in your desk to avoid the mid-day slide!

Leaving the office can be a great time to slip into party mode — and with just a few minor touch ups, you can transition your look from polished to party-ready in just a few minutes. With your new effortless elegance, you’ll be good to go whatever occasion life throws your way!


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