Jewelry Trends: Shining a Spotlight on the Latest Accessory Must-Haves

Jewelry Trends: Shining a Spotlight on the Latest Accessory Must-Haves

If you’re looking to make a statement with your next accessory, then you’re in luck. We’re here to shine a spotlight on the latest trends in jewelry. This season, we’re seeing a mix of classic and modern pieces that will inject some sparkle and shine into any look. Get ready to explore the newest must-have jewelry pieces. Read on for a closer look.

1. The Glittering Return of ’80s Glam: A Look at the Latest Must-Have Jewelry

The fashion world has been alight with the return of ’80s glam in the last year. Bright colors, puffy silhouettes, and loud patterns were all the rage for 2019’s fashionistas. However, one element of ’80s style has been making its comeback in a particularly luminous way – jewelry.

We’ve seen the glamorous pearls, dazzling stones, and chunky chains adorning celebrities and street-style fashionistas alike. It would appear the glitz and sparkle of the ’80s is back and better than ever.

Here are the five must-have jewelry pieces to complete your ’80s glam look:

  • Pearl jewelry – from tiny studs to dramatic, layered necklaces, pearls have never been so on-trend.
  • Chain jewelry – chunky chains, delicate links, and charm-laden chains are a great way to jazz up your outfits.
  • Sapphire jewelry – statement-making pieces featuring sapphires are total show-stoppers.
  • Statement earrings – sweeping cuffs, eccentric studs, and bejewelled drops work for both parties and everyday fashion.
  • Romantic bracelets – braided and textured bracelets add the perfect touch of sophistication to any look.

Whether you’re going bold and bright or romantic and delicate, ’80s glam is definitely having a moment in the fashion world. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get shopping!

2. Classic Vintage Designs Get a Modern Makeover

If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s classic vintage designs. From clothes to furniture, these timeless creations continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Now, with the help of a bit of modern ingenuity, vintage designs are being reinvented for the modern era. Here’s what to expect:

  • A breath of fresh air for traditional items.
  • A mixture of nostalgia and modern aesthetics.

Adapting Timeless Pieces

When it comes to vintage design, a bit of adaptation is usually needed to make it more accessible for today’s audiences. Commonly, this means introducing subtle changes that keep the item’s original charm, while making it more practical for current trends. A perfect example of this is the classic tweed coat. Pleated skirts and blazers from the 50s often make a return in the form of versatile cardigans or vests; warm and stylish accessories for any season.

In-Between Classic and Contemporary

What’s more, many vintage designs have become a staple in modern fashion. Take the A-line dress for instance. Dresses with pleated skirts from the mid-20th century have transitioned effortlessly to the 21st century, and now appear in a wider variety of styles and fabrics. Thanks to its timeless appeal, this traditional design continues to be a popular choice among those looking for that perfect vintage look.

A Classic Comeback

From furniture and décor to apparel, vintage designs blended with modern elements often produces an exciting end product. A perfect balance between the classic and the contemporary. With this modern makeover, vintage designs are sure to remain by our side for years to come.

3. Beads, Baubles, and Bling: How to Make a Bold Jewelry Statement

Jewelry reflects your style and your personality, and statement pieces can really make a bold fashion statement. If you’re looking to make jewelry part of your wardrobe, here are a few tips:

  • Choose high-quality pieces: Quality pieces will look better and be more durable than those made from low-grade materials.
  • Go bold and brave: A single, bold piece can make an impact. Choose a design that complements your style and stands out from the crowd.
  • Keep it simple: You don’t need to layer or pile it on. Go for pieces that make a subtle but powerful statement.

Mix & Match Metals

Metals such as gold, silver, and rose gold are all popular for jewelry, and the right combination of metals can be beautiful. Try mixing up your metals to create a subtle, yet sophisticated look. For instance, you could pair a gold necklace with silver earrings for an eye-catching combo.

Choose the Right Gemstones

Gemstones are the perfect way to take your jewelry to the next level. From classic diamonds to colorful stones like opal and turquoise, there are so many options to choose from. Each gemstone has its own unique properties, so do some research to find the right stones for your jewelry.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create your own bold and beautiful jewelry statement. With a few well-selected pieces, your style is sure to stand out.

4. Accessorize in Style: Tie Your Look Together with the Perfect Accessories

Once your outfit has been selected and put together, it’s time to finesse the look with the perfect accessories. Accessorizing properly can be the difference between looking put together or scruffy. Knowing how to accessorize can be tricky, but there are three key rules to live by:

  • Keep it simple: Resist the temptation to put on every piece of jewelry you own. Too many accessories can distract from the overall look.
  • Three is the magic number: Too much and you’ll look like you’re competing in a style competition, too little and you’ll look incomplete. Three pieces of jewelry – earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet – is the perfect amount.
  • Choose quality over quantity: It’s better to have a few statement pieces rather than lots of cheap pieces. Quality items will last longer, too.

Before you start looking for accessories, make sure you consider the outfit. If it’s already quite detailed with patterns or colors, then choose simpler pieces. On the other hand, a plain outfit will give you the space to experiment with more intricate pieces. Consider round neck tops with pendant necklaces, or high neck jumpsuits with some drop earrings.

It doesn’t stop at jewelry, you can also express yourself with other types of accessories. A printed scarf or a pair of sunnies can be a great way to add interest and texture to an outfit. Also, depending on where you’re going a handbag or purse can be the finishing touch to your look.

Although styling is important, ultimately, the most important thing is to express yourself and have fun. Experiment with different color combinations, silhouettes, and shapes. Try wearing bold earrings or an oversized hat. Just go with what feels natural and don’t be afraid of styling outside of the box.

Ready to make a statement? Keep on shining with the latest jewelry must-haves and show off your style! With these top trends, you will surely stand out from the rest and be a trendsetter. Shine on!


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